Why Do I Need ABU?

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If you find yourself reading this blog post, you’re probably planning a bachelorette party and considering All Boxed Up. You may find yourself questioning – “Do I need All Boxed Up? Is it worth it? Will it really make my party that much more special?”

We here at ABU believe that all of us have the creativity to throw a banging bachelorette for our best gals. Who knows these brides better than their MOH’s?? We also know that party planning can take lots of time, cost a lot of money, and items found from different sources rarely come out to be the *exact* right look to be a cohesive party. Trust us, between our team we’ve planned three non-ABU parties and have no desire to do that again!

 Our main goal at ABU is to provide a one-stop shop for a fun, memorable bachelorette party. We want to make it easy for MOH’s to plan an amazing celebration for their brides. We send you the cups, plates, and napkins, you decide what to serve! (Although we have some ideas on that we’re happy to share, too) Send your guests home with a t-shirt to remind them of the fun they had for years to come. And most importantly, the bride will feel well celebrated and loved on by her best girlfriends, grateful for a well-planned last bash before her big day.

Don’t let the price of the box scare you – let’s dive into everything you’ll receive! First thing you’ll see is 15 invitations with envelopes and itineraries. It’s easy to send a text or email with the info for the party, but it feels a bit more special to get an invite in the mail, right?! You’ll receive enough cups, plates, and napkins to last all weekend. Need more? Just ask! Only have 8 guests total? You’ll have 3 cups, 6 plates, and 6 napkins per guest. Remember, it’s a weekend party! Also included are printed koozies, a party banner, and bar signage that all match the theme of the party. The bar signage also gives you some inspiration for a party activity – bubbly bar, s’mores, or build-your-own trail mix. Next is a balloon garland for extra décor, then a t-shirt and temporary tattoos for each guest to wear. All of these items cost just over $50/person. Then we offer a souvenir add-on for each guest ranging between $15-30. And all packed in one box, shipped wherever you need it!

Special shouldn’t mean difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Easy shouldn’t mean boring and plain. You can have a special, memorable bachelorette party and it’s so easy to accomplish. Let us deliver your bachelorette party All Boxed Up!

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