Set up your S'mores Bar in style!

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Ready to entertain your guest and delight them with a sweet treat?! We're sharing all our tips for setting up a build your own s'mores bar good enough to eat! 

Each of our boxes include "bar" signage. Whether it's a Smore's Bar, Bubbly Bar, or Trail Mix Bar, each creates the opportunity for a fun setup for your girls!

Girl holding s'mores and smilings'mores displayed on a plate.Girls enjoy s'mores by the fire.

The Smore's Bar signage in the Aprés Ski box is a fav because I have major sweet tooth!

S'mores Bar table set up with balloon garland. 

The sign package includes tented cards for all the ingredients you need to assemble a s'more that deserves a chef's kiss! The cards included are for marshmallows, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, graham crackers, peanut butter cups, and peppermint patties. 
tented card sign for s'mores bar. 
tented signs on s'mores bar table.

The small plates and beverage napkins included in the Aprés Ski box are the perfect size for a s'more...or 2!

Girl wearing ski sweater holding plate with s'more on it.

We used a white blanket scarf as the table cloth and pillar candles in varying sizes to give the set up a it a cozy vibe.


The key to a functional and aesthetically appealing table setup is dimension (in height and color). We used a flexible flyer sled to add some height dimension to the table and be a place for some of the ingredients. 

S'mores bar table set up with signage.

Girls prepare s'mores for roasting at S'more bar.

Target, our home away from home, supplied the snowflake bowls, the green mini bowls, and the clear snack bowls to house the chocolates, peanut butter cups, and peppermint patties. We used this "ceramic" serving bowl for the mallows so that we could display a lot of them and a matching cereal bowl for graham crackers. The dark blue plays well with the navy pieces in the Aprés Ski box and the snowflakes are just too on theme to pass up! 

Finish off the table by sprinkling mini marshmallows as confetti around the table to make the set up look full and yummy! 

The balloon garland is versatile and can go over a door, on a mantle, or hanging freely. We chose to hang this balloon garland above the S'mores Bar to draw guests over to the table. Head over to our balloon garland how-to post to see how to make the balloon garland kit included in each box!

Photos by Cameron Reynolds

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