Create a winter wonderland with a fun Après-Ski tablescape!

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Here's the deal - you don't NEED any of these extra items because our box comes with all of the necessities to throw an Insta-worthy party. BUT, we also know that some of us are extra and can't help ourselves. So, here's how we styled a pretty table with our Aprés Ski pieces! 



To add a little sparkle to the table, incorporate these battery powered twinkle light trees. They're a big bang for your buck and really play up the snowy vibes of our Après-Ski box and the warm lightbulbs go great with our gold cups! Wrap some tissue around the base of the lit tree to tidy up the look and pile Candle Sand around the base for a snowy scape!





Candle sand is an amazing party hack that allows you to put a wick wherever the sand is piled. And the best part is, it's reusable! We added some light blue taper candles to small mounds of candle sand for an even more romantic feel. We used a little poster putty to stick the blue candles directly onto the table to ensure they stayed in place. 








If you want to get really cozy, place some ping pong balls over the bulbs on your string lights for a café light look that's sure to make your guests feel like they stepped into a snow globe. Add a little glam with the Meri Meri gold tinsel garland attached to the front of your table or hanging from the ceiling. This is a versatile piece that will add some major sparkle to your setup. 








Set our included plates, napkins, and cups at each place on top of neutral placemats for a dinner party feel. If you're feeling fancy and serving more than one course, stack the small plate on top of the large one as a charger!






Last but certainly not least, it wouldn't be a Après-Ski party without some actual skis! We loved stumbling upon this inflatable shotski set from Funboy that includes 4 shot glasses. Have a blast making boomerangs and memories with your bride-to-be and her best gals!

Photos by Cameron Reynolds

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