Easy Floral Arrangement for your Bachelorette Weekend!

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Impress all of the girls at the bachelorette with a quick floral arrangement that will make you look like a pro! Flowers are an easy way to pretty up your party for your best gal that last all weekend long. You can get a big bang for your buck with Trader Joes flowers and we're sharing our tips for making pro arrangements in under 8 minutes! flowers in vase

Tips for picking out flowers:

  1. Get a filler, a spiller, and a thriller! A thriller is a show stopper flower that will be the main focus of your arrangements....think hydrangeas or tulips. The filler can be any type of greenery to make the vase look full. Finally, the spiller should be something that can spill over the edge of vessel to create dimension. For our arrangement we used the tulips as a spliller/thriller combo. These are just tips to guide you but the rules aren't rigid! Get what you like and make it work. (fun fact - did you know hydrangeas drink water through their petals? Dunk the heads in a bucket of water to get them really hydrated before arranging! 
hydrangea flower    ferns filler
hydrangeas dunked in water
         2. Pick colors that go with your bachelorette theme! White always works                 great for wedding events too:) 
white flowers

Tips for arranging:

  1. Make a criss cross pattern on the top of your vase with clear tape. Using the tape method gives your vase some structure and will help keep your florals where you place them. Remember to fill your vase with water before you tape the vase!

vase with tape tape, vase, flowers

  1. Cut the stems diagonally. Eyeball where you need to cut each stem by holding it up to the vase. Vary your stem heights to give the arrangement dimension and visual appeal!

      2. Pluck off any leaves that fall below the water line.

      3. Odd numbers look best! When filling your vase keep in mind that using 3 of            one flower and 5 of another will look better than even numbers of stems.

      4. Have fun with it! Nothing is set in stone when you place a stem. You can            always rearrange and add or remove when needed. Work on it until you like it!

floral arrangement




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